The distinct zing of Szechuan peppercorn dances with sweet tangerine and  zesty lemon verbena flavors to create a bright and balanced beverage. Keep your day in rhythm with Soul Fixx!


An expressive blend of guava and cardamom inspired by the tropical flavors & fragrant spices of Southern Mexico. This elixir will give your digestive & immune system a boost.





Refreshing, rejuvenating and delicious. Ginger and Hibiscus combined to create an exhilarating melange of spice, tartness and sweetness. Top this off with a touch of Star Anise and the trio is complete. Be energized and ready to tackle what the day has to offer. Rejuvenate your body and soul.



Crisp, fruit-forward, and with a honey-like sweetness, our Apple Rose Kombucha is big on the juice.  Unlike some of our more sour offerings, this elixir is as sweet and smooth as apple cider fresh from the orchard but with that classic Kombucha tartness peeking through on the finish.  A gentle rose bouquet moves the drink out of juice-bomb territory and back toward the sophistication and elegance that sets Soul Fixx apart from other Kombuchas.




Our lively Tepache is a nod to our brewmaster’s childhood in Mexico, where he grew up drinking a fermented pineapple juice peddled by aqua fresca vendors on busy street corners.  It seemed like a natural fit to take those flavors—pineapple cores, cinnamon sticks, the pucker of fermentation—and translate it into a Kombucha.  We hope our vibrant, healthy Tepache will capture your heart the way the original Tepache captured our brewmaster’s heart. 




Our Grapefruit Mint isn’t our easiest drinking flavor, and we’re proud of that.  Dry, gripping, and totally fresh, this Kombucha tastes as good (and as healthy) as a grapefruit you plucked straight off the tree…complimented by a bright garnish of fresh mint.  We added that mint to soften the classic citrus pucker, making the drink strikingly crisp and refined.  No sugar on top needed.



No need to get your fingers stained. This concoction is reminiscent of blackberry picking on long summer days. Take a break & enjoy this refreshing combination of plant extracts to enlightened your body & soul. Infused with 10mg of Hemp CBD.


We have a single-minded focus on producing a kombucha that is as good authentic, delicious and low in sugar. We take sourcing very seriously starting with the main ingredient water. Our water is mineral-rich spring water that gives a perceived sweetness to our brew. Next is sourcing organic, fair trade tea and organic vegan sugar. Lastly, we use the best fruits and spices to infuse and ferment Soul Fixx Kombucha.



Behind the Scenes

 The initial fermentation happens in a "Solera" style, with a continual batch being fed fresh tea and allowed to ferment in the "Crianza" as too let the probiotics multiply and ensure consistency in culture and taste. After the fermentation ends, we extract a portion of the liquid and infuse the flavors.  To get that perfectly fine fizz we allow a second fermentation in the bottle. This process creates beautiful and delicate bubbles much like Champagne. We believe that this second fermentation not only produces the perfect natural carbonation it also ensure the highest count of probiotics in every bottle.