Our Team


Chief Executive Officer

Erik began his journey into food while studying Hotel and Restaurant Administration at Oklahoma State University. The core of Erik’s knowledge was apprenticed at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone where he began to connect his talents to the roots of his foundation for food and libations.  Through working several years at The French Laundry, Erik continued to pave his path where he completed an MBA from Sonoma State University.  This synergy of culinary artistry and business has allowed him to rejoice in the spirit of clean and healthy living with the creation of Soul Fixx Kombucha. His vision of his company started in April of 2017, with the addition of  his partners who share the same dedication and passion to a better lifestyle.




Research & Development

Born in Mexico to a conscientious mother. Ruben grew up practicing yoga and drinking Kombucha at a young age. "In those days we drank the brew at room temperature and with barely a spritz" not the most enjoyable. Deciding not to pursue a career in computer engineering he instead focused on the Gastronomic world and attend The Culinary Institute of America where he developed a passion for food-culture and wine. After many years at The French Laundry, he jumped head first into wine importing starting Soil & Vine natural wine merchants where he continued his love for healthy an environmentally friendly foods that satisfy our soul. World Traveler, backpacker, hiker, chef, winemaker and jokester he has a keen sense of taste and a focus on authenticity and typicity.  



Director of Engineering

Bernie immigrated to the United States in the mid 70's, attending The University of Texas at Arlington. Graduated with a BSME and is a Professional Engineer in Texas. His engineering experience in the industrial equipment design for machinery including food and beverage processing has helped define the needs for our equipment requirements and will help us expand.




Business Development Manager





Master Brewer

Born and raised north of New York City, John began his career in Education.  While working as a high school Earth Science and Wrestling coach, John found his passion for brewing and fermentation.  He needed a hobby and a drink, and with only time for one, he decided to combine the two.  After years as a locally successful home brewer, John had an opportunity to move to Napa, California in 2014 and jumped into the wine world.  While studying and producing wine in the Napa John expanded his knowledge of fermentation and the effect that a place can have on a beverage.  

John met our founder Erik Fritz in the Summer of 2021.  After 10 minutes of conversation Erik invited John to the Soul Fixx facilities for a tour and tasting.  After hearing the story, seeing the facility, and tasting the kombucha, John knew he had to be a part of SoulFixx.  Starting in August 2021, John quickly showed his skills on the production floor.  Constantly learning and improving, it was not a surprise that he was promoted to Master Brewer in April of 2022.  John continues to work hard to develop new flavors and produce a great product using the best ingredients. He is an essential part of the Soul Fixx Team.




Graphic Designer & Marketing

Sonoma County Graphic Designer and Artist, Lauren helped realize Erik and Ruben's vision with her design work. She received a Certificate in Graphic Design from the SRJC in 2012, and transferred to Sonoma State. Freshly graduated from Sonoma State's BFA printmaking program, she and Erik worked together at The County Bench in 2016. Lauren acquired a full-time position at the Sonoma County Library in 2017, and Erik left to pursue his dream to start his own beverage company. Erik reached out to Lauren to help build his brand. She continues to put the zhuzh in Soul Fixx products and marketing.